I was a wild child, living deep inside my own imagination. Summers, for years, were barefoot on the coast of Maine. I was left alone to meander in mesmerizing landscapes of ever changing light and weather and tides and the intriguing mystery of marks and forms made by water. Winters were outside in the cold and quiet snow. The fierce beauty of these worlds became my embedded visual vocabulary.

The innocence of that time has been broken open by life itself and shattered by the global insecurity and chaos of now. In the cracks bubbling up is some of the most terrifying darkness as well as some other worldly luminous liminal whisperings.

These are the ley lines that run beneath my work.

Discipline has given me a path towards mastery, experience has strengthened my tolerance for staying in not knowing, and my passion has given me the courage to honor creative innocence.

My intention is to engage our collective imagination in questions. Questions about how to find light within inner darkness. Questions about what is real. Questions yet to be discovered.  I feel like i'm painting my way into connection with what is emerging now that may, even for a moment, plant a seed of sanctity and kindness in our hearts.

I am very physical with my work. Constructing, painting, sanding, scratching back through to reveal what was hidden, the story emerges with its own history in the layers. As a piece begins to  find its equilibrium in calm aliveness, my time is more contemplative. I am getting to know something I have never seen before and searching for the last gestures that will open it's door.

 returning to my first playground

returning to my first playground